Every person is created equal. But our skin is not! Dark people need special skin care treatment. That is why we want to give you the best cream for dark skin. After all, you deserve it.

Cream for African Americans is not the same as other cream. AFRIDERM knows that. Dry skin is more noticeable on darker skin. The cream you choose needs to be a moisturizer for Dark skin. If it is not, it can be useless for you.

Don’t Worry. We Have You Covered!

How? AFRIDERM has one goal. That is to make Dark skin as lovely as possible. We have a lot of products that help us achieve this. One of our products happens to be the best cream for dark skin. Let us take care of you.

Face Cream Options by AFRIDERM

We have two types of cream. One is a day cream. The other is a night cream. (Face cream shouldn’t be limited to just a few hours! Dry skin can happen at any time!)

For this article, we will talk about the day cream. You can still learn about our night cream. Just check out our other blog posts for more info!


When and why is it Needed?

Our day cream is special. It does not just get you ready for the day. It keeps protecting you throughout the day! Two things can easily dry out skin: heat and dry weather. Summer and winter are the enemies of your skin.


Think of a grape. When left in the sun, what happens? It turns into a raisin. Raisins are dry and wrinkly. They just do not compare to grapes.

Don’t let your skin turn into a raisin! The sun causes the water in your skin to evaporate. You need to keep your skin moisturized. If not, it will quickly turn into a raisin.

You may have noticed “SPF” in the name of this product. That’s right—sun screen. Our cream does not just moisturize the skin. It also protects the skin from the Sun’s UV rays. A face cream and sun screen, all in one!

Dry Weather

You may see more ashy skin in the winter. In other seasons, there is moisture in the air. Your skin absorbs this. In winter, the air is dry. And your skin is, too.

Dark skin makes ash more easy to see. To combat the dry weather, you need the best cream for dark skin. That’s where we come in. Use our cream to keep your skin hydrated.

And don’t think that winter means the Sun’s UV rays stop! The Sun can still harm your skin when it is cold. It is possible to get sunburned in the winter. This is all the more reason to use our face cream for Dark skin.

Benefits of AFRIDERM Day cream SPF20

Our cream does more than hydrate skin. It also…

  • soothes & smooths the skin
  • works for all dark pigments
  • is applied with ease
  • is quickly absorbed by the skin
  • works fast after it is applied
  • leaves skin fresh & firm
  • give you a natural, clean feel
  • gives a more even skin tone
  • avoids excessive shine
  • brings out natural beauty
  • makes the skin softer
  • has no damaging chemicals
  • has delicate, non-aggressive materials. Dark skin is prone to scratches & burns by harsh chemicals.
  • works on melanin production. It distributes melanin in skin on 3 levels: genes, melanin production, and melanosomes distribution.
  • has unique moisturizing agents that are vital to dark skin. The agents get rid of dryness with ease.
  • has an agent for oily and acne prone skin. Oil & acne can affect the tone and uniformity of dark skin.

In addition to the list above, our cream also slows down aging. The rays from the sun speed up aging of the body. It can cause early wrinkles and dark spots. For those who spend a lot of time in the Sun, this can be a big problem!

Stress can also cause aging. Our cream soothes and calms. This gets rid of stress. Less stress means fewer wrinkles!

Our cream uses advanced Octadecenedioic Acid with antioxidants like Dunaliella Salina. This gives more even skin tone. It also frees skin from spots, blemishes, and excessive shine. To look and feel young, use the best cream for dark skin.

AFRIDERM Day Cream SPF20 is no doubt the best cream for dark skin. The only rival is AFRIDERM Night Cream! Get our day cream to protect your skin and stay young.  Let us help you help your skin.


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