Dark skin tones are harder to take care of. Dark skin is prone to discoloration. It is also easy to become dried out and ashy. Do not let this happen to you. Get the best moisturizer for Dark skin!

Where Can You Get the Best Moisturizer for Dark Skin?

AFRIDERM is the best place to get the best moisturizer for Dark skin! We know how easily dark skin can dry out. We treat this. All of our products moisturize the skin.

Some of our products are better moisturizers than others. This is because each item has its own specialty. We do this so that you have the best skin care possible.

Why Should You Use Skin Care Items by AFRIDERM?

Dark skin is more prone to harm by harsh chemicals. The herbs and minerals we use in our items are delicate. They are not aggressive at all. You do not have to worry about any scratches or burns!

Our items have unique moisturizing agents that are vital to dark skin. They get rid of dry skin with ease. They also help distribute melanin in skin on 3 levels: genes, melanin production, and melanosomes distribution. This evens skin tone!

A lot of dark people have very oily and acne prone skin. Oil and acne can affect the tone and uniformity of dark skin. Products by AFRIDERM help skin that is too oily or prone to acne. They get rid of extra oil. This makes break outs less likely to occur!

All of our items are made for people of all dark pigmented skin. You can be very light in skin tone. Or you can be very dark. Our items work great no matter what kind of dark skin you have!

Body Butter

When it comes to the body, the best moisturizer for Dark skin is AFRIDERM Body Butter. It does what normal lotion can’t do. It keeps minor areas from getting dry. You won’t have to worry about rough, ashy elbows again!

Another great thing about the body butter is that it can be used anywhere! It is meant for minor areas, but it still works for arms, legs, etc. It can be annoying to run out of lotion. It’s even worse when you do not have more in stock. Now, you have the best thing to use until you get more lotion!

Benefits of our body butter:

  • helpful herbs and minerals
  • protects the skin
  • gives skin a young, fresh look & feel
  • calms & soothes irritated skin
  • gets rid or irritation
  • prevents irritation & ashy skin
  • makes skin silky & smooth
  • helps repair damage to the skin
  • promotes skin growth
  • uses herbal oils, Shea Butter, Coenzyme Q10, & botanical extracts to soothe, revitalize, & refresh skin tone & texture

Serum Concentrate

For the face, this is the best moisturizer for Dark skin. The kin of the face is not the same as body skin. It has different needs.

Our serum meets these needs. It gives a balanced moisture to each key zone of the face. This makes it one of our best face moisturizers!  It also…

  • Is perfect to use under make up
  • Has a great hydrator to boost vital moisture
  • Makes the skin firm & clear
  • Calms tricky skin and evens tone
  • Fixes excess dryness & oiliness to make skin smooth
  • Helps the skin repair
  • Gives the skin a healthy, radiant glow
  • Lifts the skin for a younger look & feel
  • Is a powerful daily facial moisturizer!

Eye Cream

The eyes tend to be left out of self skin care. This is a mistake! The yes need special care, too! The skin around the eyes are prone to wrinkles and dry skin.

We have something to help with this problem. Our eye cream is a daily moisturizer just for the skin around the eyes. Use our eye cream if you want to…

  • speed up skin repair
  • get rid of dark circles
  • protect skin from sun damage
  • nourish the skin
  • calm and refresh the skin
  • promote youth
  • use antioxidants to help the skin
  • use eye care without an excessive shine
  • smooth and sooth the skin
  • get rid of and prevent eye irritation
  • get even skin tone
  • cleanse the skin
  • get rid of toxins in the eye
  • give a radiant look to the eyes
  • get rid of puffy skin under the eyes
  • prevent blemishes
  • refresh tired eyes

We have the best moisturizer for Dark skin of the body, face, and eyes! Order these three items to stay young and lovely. And be sure to check out our other products, too! It is time to get the perfect skin!


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