At AFRIDERM, we work hard to give you the best skin care items. This goes for the body and the face! If you want face care products for dark skin, come to us! We help you take good care of your skin!

Is Face Care Really a Big Deal?

Yes! The face is even more important than the body! Do not neglect it!


What is the first thing most people notice about another person? Hair? Smile? Pants? Not usually.

Most people see the face first. As humans, we naturally look for faces first. The face is what sets people apart. It tells a story. It gives us an idea of what the person is like before we ever even talk to him or her.

When people look at your face, what will they see? Wrinkles? Dry skin? Acne? Dark spots?

They don’t have to! Use our dark skin care products to make sure only the best of you is shown. You are strong and young on the inside. Let that show on the outside, too!

What Can AFRIDERM Do to Help?

We have 5 face care products. Each of them has…

  • delicate, harmless materials. (Dark skin is prone to harm by harsh chemicals, scratches, and burns.)
  • materials that work on melanin production. They help distribute melanin in skin on 3 levels. These levels are genes, melanin production, and melanosomes distribution.
  • unique moisturizing agents that are vital to dark skin. They get rid of dry skin with ease.
  • an agent for oily and acne prone skin. (Oil and acne can affect the tone and uniformity of dark skin.)

These benefits can’t be found in other brands. We give you the very best. Why not take advantage of that? Use of products to create the best dark skin care regimen. You will have perfect skin in no time!

Day Cream SPF20

UV rays from the sun speed up aging of the body. The rays can also cause early wrinkles and dark spots.

Our cream blocks the sun’s rays. It also calms and soothes. This gets rid of stress. Our cream is an easy way to stay young. Get our day cream to protect your skin and keep it lovely.

Night Cream

Our night cream is a lot like our day cream. But the night cream works as you sleep! You wake up with smooth and moist skin! Use both creams for 24 hour skin care!

Our night cream also…

  • soothes & smooths the skin
  • works for all dark pigments
  • is applied with ease
  • is quickly absorbed by the skin
  • works fast after it is applied
  • leaves skin fresh & firm
  • give you a natural, clean feel
  • avoids excessive shine
  • brings out natural beauty
  • makes the skin softer
  • has no harmful chemicals
  • uses anti-hyperpigmentation Octadecenedioic Acid to even skin tone

Serum Concentrate

This is the best moisturizer of all out face care products for dark skin. Our serum…

  • is perfect to use under make up
  • works for all dark pigmented skin
  • gives the right moisture balance for each zone of the face
  • has a great hydrator to boost vital moisture
  • makes the skin firm & clear
  • calms tricky skin & evens tone
  • fixes excess dryness and oiliness to make skin smooth
  • helps the skin repair & grow
  • gives the skin a healthy, radiant glow
  • lifts the skin for a younger look & feel

Peeling Gel

The serum is the best moisturizer for dark skin. But this is the best exfoliate! It…

  • cleanses the skin
  • gently exfoliates
  • prevents the buildup of dead skin cells
  • speeds up the renewal of fresh skin cells
  • gets rid of dry, rough patches and dark spots
  • strips away old layers of skin. It also nourishes the skin underneath!

Eye Cream

Do not forget about the yes! The skin near eyes are prone to aging and dry skin, too! Let us take good care of your eyes. Our eye cream will…

  • speed up skin repair
  • get rid of dark circles
  • protect skin from sun damage
  • refresh the skin & tired eyes
  • promote youth
  • not have an excessive shine
  • smooth & sooth the skin
  • get even skin tone
  • cleanse the skin
  • get rid of toxins in the eye
  • get rid of puffy skin under the eyes
  • prevent blemishes
  • give botanically-infused freshness
  • get rid of and prevent eye irritation

Keep your eyes protected! And keep them as young and lovely as your soul!

Order our face products for dark skin. You can prevent dry skin, aging, acne, dark spots, and other skin issues. You are able have the perfect face. Use AFRIDERM to help you get it!

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