The face is unique. It is not like body skin. It needs its own skin care. Face skin can be very easy to dry out. That is why you need face moisturizer for Dark skin.

Why Does the Face Need Its Own Treatment?

Dry skin is dry skin, right? Wrong. Yes, all dry skin can look and feel the same. But where it is found makes the difference.

Dry skin of the face is not the same as dry body skin. Your face naturally makes oils not common in other parts of the body. Because of this, body lotion may not work as well.

Your face is also more exposed. Think of how often you cover your face. Almost never. Your face is always exposed to the heat and dry weather. This makes the face more prone to drying out than the body.

This is why a face moisturizer for Dark skin is vital. You do not want to walk around with an ashy face! With AFRIDERM, you can make your face lovelier than ever!


We have a great Dark skin care line! Dark skin is more prone to harm by harsh chemicals. The herbs and minerals we use in our items are delicate. They are not aggressive at all. You do not have to worry about any scratches or burns!

Our items have unique moisturizing agents that are vital to dark skin. They get rid of dry skin with ease. They also help distribute melanin in skin on 3 levels: genes, melanin production, and melanosomes distribution. This evens skin tone!

A lot of dark people have very oily and acne prone skin. Oil and acne can affect the tone and uniformity of dark skin. Dark skin care products by AFRIDERM help skin that is too oily or prone to acne. They get rid of extra oil. This makes break outs less likely to occur!

All of our items are made for people of all dark pigmented skin. You can be very light in skin tone. Or you can be very dark. Our items work great no matter what kind of dark skin you have!

Our unique benefits make AFRIDERM the best choice for all of your skin needs! And the best part? All our items work for all dark pigmented skin! It does not matter if you are mixed or full blood African. We take care of you and your skin!

How to Get the Best Face Moisturizer for Dark Skin

So, what is the best face moisturizer for Dark skin? That’s easy! It is AFRIDERM Serum Concentrate!

How to get it? Easy again! Just go to the AFRIDERM website! We have a lot to offer! That includes moisturizer for Dark skin!

To get the serum, go to the “Face Care” tab. Click on “Serum Concentrate”. It is fast and easy to order! Just add items to the cart. Then, click on it when you are ready to buy.

AFRIDERM Serum Concentrate

This is truly the best face moisturizer for Dark skin! Here are some of the things that make our serum the best choice:

  • Is perfect to use under make up
  • Works for all dark pigmented skin
  • Gives the right moisture balance for each zone of the face
  • Has a great hydrator to boost vital moisture
  • Calms tricky skin and evens tone
  • Fixes excess dryness and oiliness to make skin smooth
  • Helps the skin repair
  • Gives the skin a healthy, radiant glow
  • Makes the skin firm and clear

Our serum concentrate also uses Q10 and Hyaluronic Acid. These two ingredients lifts the skin. This keeps skin firm and free of wrinkles. Use our serum concentrate if you want to keep your face looking young.

One of the key features of our serum is Octadecenedioic Acid. It helps deal with skin that is problematic. It is also a vital factor in evening skin tone.

The serum is full of powerful nourishing oils and herbal extracts. These help perfect the skin. They make sure oiliness in the skin is kept at a low level. This helps even skin tone and limit acne!

The serum makes sure your skin is as moist as it can be! It is an extra layer of protection. It is also great for skin that is more prone to dryness than usual.

Order AFRIDERM Serum Concentrate for skin that is moist, young, and lovely. It is easy to apply and works great with other skin care items. Do not let dry weather dry your skin! Take action now with the best face moisturizer for Dark skin!

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