How often has this happened? You wash up and use lotion. Later, you see your elbows are dry. This is very common, especially if you have dark skin. What you need is Shea butter for dark skin.


Where to Get Shea Butter For Dark Skin?

At AFRIDERM, of course! We specialize in a lot of dark skin care products. This includes AFRIDERM Body Butter.


AFRIDERM Body Butter is great for dark skin. It works for all dark skin tones! This is because it is an AFRIDERM item. All our items are meant to make dark skin more perfect.

One of the key ingredients of the body butter is Shea butter. We make a great butter even better! If you want the best Shea butter for dark skin, you will use our body butter!


Why Use Our Body Butter?

There is a lot that makes our butter perfect. Like all the products in our dark skin care line, the body butter…

  • has delicate and non-aggressive materials. (Dark skin is prone to damage by harsh chemicals, scratches and burns.)
  • has materials that work on melanin production. They also help distribute melanin in the skin on 3 levels. These levels are genes, melanin production, and melanosomes distribution.
  • has unique moisturizing agents that are vital to darker skin. These agents eliminate dryness with ease.
  • has helpful herbs and minerals
  • protects the skin
  • gives skin a young and fresh look and feel
  • calms and soothes irritated skin
  • prevents irritation and ash
  • makes skin silky and smooth
  • relieves skin using ultra-moisturizing Sodium Lactate
  • has an agent for oily and acne prone skin. (Oil and acne can affect the tone and uniformity of dark skin.)

These great benefits help repair skin damage. They make skin more resistant and attractive, too. Our unique properties make AFRIDERM the best at dark skin care!


What is Special About Body Butter That is Not in Our Other Items?

It is true that many of our items have similar properties. But it is also true that each product is unique. Every person has unique skin needs. We design each product to match your needs.

For most people, lotion is not enough. The lotion works great for arms and legs. But elbows and other minor places are hardly affected.

That is because these areas are more prone to dryness. Lotion is a very general treatment. What you need is something more specialized for your needs. Our Shea butter for dark people skin does just that.

Use the body butter for the more stubborn places. Elbows, knees, heels, etc. Using butter for these areas allow them to blend in with the rest of the body. After all, think about what you want people to see first when they look at your legs.  It is likely not rough, dry knees!

There’s another great thing about AFRIDERM Body Butter. It can be used anywhere! It is meant for minor, drier parts of the body. But you can still use it for other areas! This is great in case you run out of lotion!

Using the Body Butter

Like all our products, the body butter is easy to use. It also absorbs fast into the skin. We want you to get great skin as soon as you can!

Here is how you use it. First, be sure your skin is clean. Then, put a bit of butter on your fingers. Massage it into the skin. For best results, use on a normal basis!

Is Lotion Still Needed?

Yes! Our body butter is great. It can work all over the body. This may lead you to ask, “Why use lotion?” Do not get rid of your lotion just yet!

Lotion is still great to use. Every care plan needs a general product. For body care, that’s lotion. Lotion is also great to have in case you run out of body butter.

Using lotion is a way to get the best out of body butter. After you wash up, apply lotion to main areas. Then use the body butter on minor areas. This gives you the best of both products! And you can save on body butter!

How to Order the Body Butter

It should now be clear why body butter is great. Add it to your skin care regimen. Show off your smooth elbows and soft knees! Don’t be afraid to expose your lovely skin.

To get the best Shea butter for dark skin, visit the AFRIDERM website. Order your jar of AFRIDERM Body Butter now! Never hide your skin again!

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