Dark skin is not like other tones. A lot more work goes into it. Most skin care brands do not know that dark skin has its own needs. Their products can be useless or even harmful for you! You need to have the right skin care for Dark skin.

We know that. That is why AFRIDERM only makes products for Dark skin. We want you to look perfect! Other brands can’t do that. Or worse, they can harm your skin!


We know dark skin. We know what it needs. We know how to make it perfect.

Our items have unique benefits in them that you will not see in other brands. We make our products perfect so they can make your skin perfect. African skin care is what we do best!

What Are AFRIDERM’s Unique Benefits?

Melanin is what causes the pigment in your skin. The more you have, the darker your skin. But more also means that your skin is more prone to changes in the skin’s pigment. Our products help distribute melanin in skin on 3 levels: genes, melanin production, and melanosomes distribution. This evens skin tone!

Dark skin is also prone to harm by harsh chemicals. Every thing we use in our items is delicate. They are not aggressive at all. With us, you will not have to worry about any scratches or burns! We also make all of our items for people of all dark pigmented skin. Light skin or dark skin, it does not matter!

Our items have unique moisturizing agents that are vital to dark skin. They get rid of dry skin with ease. This is why each of our products is a great moisturizer for Dark skin! We also use Octadecanoic Acid to prevent the expansion of melanosomes and the inflammation that results in extra melanin.

Dark skin can be very oily and prone to acne. This can affect the tone and uniformity of the skin. Our items help skin that is too oily or prone to acne. They get rid of extra oil and make break outs less likely.

Our Products

Finding the right skin care for Dark skin can be hard. We make it easy. To take care of Dark skin, rely on AFRIDERM. We only give you the very best skin care products! We offer:

  • Hand & Body Lotion
  • Body Butter
  • Exfoliating Scrub
  • Day Cream SPF20
  • Night Cream
  • Serum Concentrate
  • Peeling Gel
  • Eye Cream

Using Them

Having great products is not enough. You have to know how to use them! This is the only way you can get the best skin care for Dark skin!

The exfoliating scrub should be used first. It clears pores of dead skin cells. This opens up your pores so that our other products can be absorbed into the skin better.

The lotion is the most basic product. Just apply to the body after washing or using the scrub. It will moisturize the skin fast and with ease.

Use the body butter after using the lotion. The body butter is a powerful moisturizer. It is best used for minor areas of the body. This includes elbows, knees, etc. These are areas lotion does not work as well for.

Our peeling gel works a lot like the scrub. Except this is meant for the face. Use the skin peel for dark skin before using other face care items. This will give you better results!

The day cream is a great face moisturizer. But it also works as great sun screen! It blocks UV rays so that you stay young and free of wrinkles!

Our night cream is special in our Dark skin care line. It is the only item made to work as you sleep at night! Wake up with better skin! For best results, use day cream in day. This gives you 24 hour face care!

The serum concentrate is like body butter but for the face. It is a strong moisturizer. This is good for people with drier skin than most. It also gives more protection is hot or dry weather.

The eye cream should not be over looked! It prevents wrinkles around the eyes. It also gets rid of irritation and dark circles. This is great for night owls who want to look refreshed in the morning!

Dark skin is lovely, but it is also hard to deal with. We want to give the best skin care for Dark skin. If you want perfect skin, use our products. We only give you the best because that it what your skin needs. Use our blog or website to learn more about our products!


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